No matter where you are in life, adult education has the power to open doors of opportunity…

for you, for your family, and for your community.

Our students come from all walks of life and their reasons for taking adult education are as diverse as their life experiences. Read more about their inspirational educational journeys and when you’re ready we’re here to help you get started on your own journey too!

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If I can do it at age 58, everyone can!

"Every time I have the opportunity to share and tell my community, I strongly recommend them to stay focused in school. I strongly believe that if I can do it at age 58, I think everybody can do it."

I could not have done this alone

"A special thanks to all the teachers who have helped me so much to understand the English language, obtain my GED, and prepare for my American citizenship by naturalization. I know I could not have done this alone. They have also given us their help in other activities and courses to have a better job."

My daughter has blossomed and I’ve been able to reach my goal

"Not only have I been able to watch my daughter blossom at the Parent Center, but I’ve also been able to accomplish my own goals by working toward earning my diploma at the Salinas Adult School...Both programs are amazing and I'm so lucky to be able to receive the help and guidance..."

The teachers understand life happens.

"I believe my experience at the Salinas Adult School profoundly changed my life. I dropped out of high school at sixteen...By age 20 I had decided if I want to have a better life, I needed a better education. The teachers at the Salinas Adult School understand life happens. Circumstances and inconveniences arise that are unplanned and poorly timed...Earning my GED gave me the confidence to tackle jobs and tasks that I thought before were impossible. Here's what I would say to someone who was thinking about coming back and finishing their GED or high school diploma: Go for it! It will change your outlook on life! It helped me find the path I wanted to take in this life."

Never give up

Blanca’s goal was to learn English to help her children do well in school and to be proactive in their education by being involved in school decisions...She failed her first exam and gave up. Her teachers encouraged her to continue, and she did, but never thought she could pass. In 2019 Blanca passed all HiSET exams, and thanks to that and her English, she now works at Eden Valley Care Center in Soledad.

I hope to teach English in Oaxaca

"The ESL department at the Salinas Adult School it's helping me build myself. I want to be a good English teacher. I want to return to Oaxaca and work in education. I want to work with children because of the magic they inspire in me when they are learning. We teach them, but really, they teach us so much."

A whole new world opened up

"When I went to that first class at the adult school, I felt like I crossed a threshold, from the darkness into the light...a whole new world opened up."