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You have the power to change your life for the better and it starts with adult education.

Whether you want to take the GED exam, learn English, or train for a career, we'll help you find the right class and get started.

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Adult Education

Adults learn differently. That's why we have Adult Education.

We know you have big dreams. We also understand that as an adult you have responsibilities like family and work — that shapes how you learn. That's why our adult education programs offer flexible, affordable, and meaningful classes to help you reach your goals.

Classes and Programs

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Going back to school may feel a little overwhelming but SVAEC is here to help! Together we can find the right class and right support to get you enrolled, so you can focus on your goal.

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The first step is talking to our team! Email through our form, call (831.386.7105) (831-755-6892) or meet us at an event (online or in-person) — do whatever works best for you.

Share Your Goals

Tell us a little about what you hope to do or achieve. If you're not sure, that's OK! Just ask yourself: "What could make life better for me and my family?" and we'll go from there.

Find the Right Class

We'll help you find the best adult class to meet your goals and connect you with the right school.

Get Enrolled

Our transition specialist will connect you directly with your school to get enrolled and start your educational journey.